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Yoga Therapy Offerings

Yoga Therapy is a form of complementary or integrative healthcare, based on the ancient wisdom and practices of yoga, integrated with scientific knowledge. It has sparked the interest of the psychological and bio-medical communities as a stand-alone or complementary therapy for psychological problems because it offers a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model which is increasingly appreciated and seen as highly effective in treatment. It has been shown to be more effective than treatments that target just one aspect of the person.

Offering - PYT

Private Yoga Therapy:  
A Meditative Movement Practice

One-on-one therapeutic mindful, meditative sessions infused with the tools of Yoga Therapy to bring you fully into the present moment through deep connection with the multidimensional layers of your being.  Ayurvedic joint freeing, Somatics, Mudra, and guided imagery are offered with the intention to build resilience within your nervous system, while also guiding you to experience and embody core qualities essential for finding well-being, peace and healing.


These are all-levels customizable classes with  options for use of props and pose variations provided for extra support.  I have 3 basic formats.

Private Yoga Therapy 
A personalized one-to-one session that includes assessment, counseling and tailoring of a personalized program to drive evolution that holistically addresses physical, psychological and spiritual levels of the body-mind.  Benefits include deep relaxation and rejuvenation that promotes overall health and well being.

Private Energy Management Practice
Learn skills to manage your life force energy so you can channel this enhanced vitality toward awakening life's deeper meaning. Explore strategies through philosophy, movement and meditation.

Yoga for Emotional Balance
Personalized Yoga Therapy specifically tailored to help you manage the symptoms and suffering related to depression, anxiety and trauma. 

The Yoga Nidra Journey 
for Health & Healing

This is a guided 6 week journey in Yoga Nidra to break away from everyday stress and connect with your Inner Bliss.   Includes:

  • Weekly guided meditations;

  • Mindfulness Moments - sensory video + audio recordings for personal practice; and

  • Mantras, tips and reminders to help you stay on track with your daily Dinacharya.

About Yoga Nidra

A therapeutic yoga practice brings the mind into a suspended healing state.  While resting comfortably you are verbally guided on a journey through the multidimensional layers of your being.  This connection within offers deep relaxation and nourishment of body, mind, and spirit.  All you need to do is get comfy, close your eyes, and listen.

Proven benefits of regular Yoga Nidra practice may include:

  • Deep relaxation (45mins = approx. 4 hours of sleep)

  • Prevention and reversal of numerous ailments and diseases including cardiovascular, stress-related illness, chronic pain, and psychosomatic conditions

  • Better sleep quality and reduced insomnia 

  • Improved psychological well-being

Yoga Nidra Journey
Autumn Forest

Therapeutic Yoga Workshops

My Therapeutic Yoga Workshops combine Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Yoga Nidra to stimulate healing and rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit.   Each event is individually crafted around themes, special days of the year and other opportunities to harmonize intention and Karma..

  • Join in person or via Zoom as fits your needs.   

  • All participants also get a recording to use as often as they wish to revisit in their personal practice.

  • I will publish a calendar and of course notify subscribers to my newsletter as these are confirmed.

My first event will help you to celebrate Easter as a vehicle for the blossing and rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit!

And of course if you wish to suggest one, please share your ideas!

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